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        MR594954 MN103586 MR961910 Wheel hub bearing front for MITSUBISHI PAJERO

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        MR594954 MN103586 MR455620 MR961910 3880A024 BR930441 HA590145 ?515074 32146520001 951833L MB092749 HO50KWH01EY2J01 ?Wheel hub bearing front for MITSUBISHI PAJERO


        Wheel Hub Bearing MR594954

        Front Axle
        Flange Diameter
        ?: 6.663 In.
        Bolt Circle Diameter?: 5.503 In.
        Wheel Pilot Diameter?: 2.64 In.
        Brake Pilot Diameter?: 3.701 In.
        Flange Offset?: 1.478 In.
        Hub Pilot Diameter?: 3.385 In.
        Hub Bolt Circle Diameter?: 4.392 In.
        Bolt Size?: M12X1.5?
        Bolt Quantity?: 6?
        Bolt Hole MET?: M12X1.25?
        Bolt Hole qty?: 4?
        ABS Sensor?: N
        Number of Splines?: 30
        • MITSUBISHIPAJERO/SHOGUN III (V60, V70)200004 - /

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